Leichhardt Celebrity Brass
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Rae and George try their hand at Irish Dancing
Performing for Sounds on the Square - Kinsale Arts Festival
Performing for Sounds on the Square - Kinsale Arts Festival

Out at Charles' fort - what's in that bag, Bill?
Bill holds a mysterious package (Charles' Fort)

Adrian and Joan

Don and Judith in Dublin

Daniel makes it onto the bus!
Daniel makes it onto the bus!
The tour continues...

Thursday July 16th
Everyone looked forward to spending a few days in Cork, with lots to do.  It was great to have a free day and evening to explore this lovely city on the banks of the River Lee - many of us opting for a city tour in an open top bus.

A traditional evening of Irish dancing was on offer, just a short walk away, and most of the troupe decided to participate.

Friday July 17th

Today's journey was to take us to the small fishing village of Kinsale where we were booked for a performance as part of 'Sounds on the Square' during the Kinsale Arts Festival. After a leisurely start we were able to wander around the cobbled walkways, take a boat trip, or hop on a train out to Charles' Fort.
Jack, Bill, John and Rae relax before out gig in Kinsale

How on earth will we fit on that stage?

Evening descended, and the time for our performance approached. For the second time this tour we were presented with a setup challenge -a tiny stage and 35 musicians with large, heavy instruments to accommodate.

However, we squashed ourselves into that space, and once again were met with a small but appreciative audience - not to mention a couple of tam o' shantered lads over the fence!

Saturday July 18th

Today's performance was a playout in the main street of Cork: The Grand Parade. No setup problems, here - the Grand Parade is a beautiful wide boulevarde. However, as we found almost every day in Ireland, it was bound to rain at some part of the day - usually when we were playing. We persevered for a while, but as the music and players got wetter and wetter, we eventually had to call a halt.

Grand Parade, Cork

On the quay at Cork
Another event happening in Cork that day was an annual mile-long swim down the River Lee. As we knew there would be plenty of people there to entertain, we made our way over to the finishing point and set up to play. 

How annoying it was that 3 pieces into our program and we had to abandon once again because of the rain!

Following our two abandoned gigs, we had the rest of the day and evening free, some of us coming back to this very spot to enjoy dinner by the River Lee.
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